While growing up I didn't know that one day I would dream of homestead. That I would give up my rented flat in a city and move to countryside in a little cottage without running water and inside toilet. Little less I knew that I would have animals. As a kid I was quite allergic to any furry animal, and I was scared of any kind of bugs and later on I started to fear horses too. 

But here I am :) I still don't have homestead bud I have 45m2 log cabin with electricity and little land to live in. I have now sauna with running water and a root-cellar and  a little greenhouse (unfinished of course though). In a barn I have boxes for my two work-breed ponies. I also have room for my hens in my barn and another for my two milking goats and place for my two rabbits too. I have kitchen garden and in corner of it I have my beehive. My meadow is fenced for goats during summertime and beside it I have pen for my ponies. During winter time ponies have access to meadow as well. With help of my friends I've builded shelter for ponies just next to gateway to pen. I have also had summer pigs for couple of summers.

I dream of my own field. I dream that I could plow it with my ponies in a pair. I dream that I could grow their hay. I dream of hay barn and summer-kitchen. I dream of help and courage with training my ponies for driving and working. I dream having root-cellar filled with preserved jars of vegetable sauces, jams and cabbages. I dream to be more diligent with making my own food. I dream to be more courageous with butchering. And of course I dream of more of time. I work full-time outside my house and I don't dream of quitting my job but I could see myself with four day-workweek.

My blog is in Finnish but if you wish to ask me something in English, please send me message :)


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